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Fiddleback vs. Tomb of Horrors

Ambitious adventurers hear stories of a secret tomb containing riches beyond belief and relics of exceptional power. Keen to prove themselves against those who have gone before and earn their place as the most powerful adventurers in the land, the party enters a known deathtrap where the rules of adventuring no longer apply.

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Fiddleback vs. Against the Giants

The giants rise. Their purpose is unknown, but in their wake lays death and destruction. City elders have done all they can and now turn to a group of adventurers for help. Their job is to find the cause that brings different giants together, unites them, and sends them against the world. Somewhere behind it all must be a reason; can the PCs find it and prevent further raids?

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Fiddleback vs. Dead in Thay

Dead in Thay, a one hundred six room mega-dungeon of evil wizards, dangerous beasts, and things that simply should not exist. Deep inside the Doomvault lay the phylacteries of Szass Tam and his corrupted servants. Will the PCs foil the plans of Tam and destroy his phylactery, or will they lose their lives and wander forever as undead?

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Fiddleback vs. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachin

At last the moment has come to step back in time and experience some of the early years of D&D. What sorts of adventures did old gamers have back then and were they any good? Is Tamoachan a gem from D&D’s past? What does it have to say about the way D&D and other RPGs were played back then?

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Fiddleback vs. The Forge of Fury, Part 2

Ahead lays The Glitterhame and beneath it The Sinkhole. If the PCs have entered successfully through The Mountain Door this may be their first real chance for a rest. If, on the other hand, they’ve chosen to make their first approach from outside Glitterhame itself, the adventure is just beginning. Either way, an underground crystal-flecked cavern full of troglodytes and nastier things awaits.

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Fiddleback vs. The Yawning Portal - Intro

Wizards of the Coast released Tales from the Yawning Portal for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons to the general public on April 4th, 2017. It’s now nearly May ’17 and there is no shortage of ‘unboxings’, flip-throughs, reviews, and more available across the internet. Well-respected RPG and D&D sites, YouTubers, and podcasters have cracked the book open as quickly as possible and shared their thoughts with anyone who might be convinced to read or tune in. Good for them. Get in early, get the views and clicks, and be done with it.

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