My name is Brian Casey, but most folks on the internet know me as Fiddleback. I enjoy games and gaming, naturally enough, but I especially enjoy finding out why people play games, how they connect with them, and what happens when they start playing.



Experience by doing


I fell in love with role playing games thanks to the red box Dungeons & Dragons in the ‘70s. Turns out I enjoyed it so much I got into other kinds of games; board games, card games, miniatures, and even video games. Now I make podcasts about games and gaming and the people who play them. I always want to look beyond the rules and mechanics of a game to see how people connect with it and why they do what they do.

Because every gamer eventually tries it, I’ve got my own game I’m working on. Transit RPG asks a basic question: Would you like to fly a spaceship?

I started making podcasts nearly ten years ago. There wasn’t a lot of information about how to do it back then, so I had to teach myself and learn by doing. Now I’m an old hand at it and have two current shows under production and at least a half-dozen more under my belt. Keep an eye on this website for more soon.


Don’t Be A Stranger